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The issue of child, spousal, or family support can be heard by a California court separately from the issues of custody and visitation or dissolution of the marriage. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (“the UIFSA”) defines which of two states or which between our state and a foreign country can correctly exercise jurisdiction over the issue of support – initial support orders, modifications, and enforcement. The UIFSA also resolves choice of law issues: the support law of the state entitled to exercise jurisdiction is the law of the case.

Ms. Amado has experience addressing this important issue. Given its choice of law rules, UIFSA jurisdiction is a pivotal issue, ultimately controlling the amount and duration of the support orders.

To speak with Ms. Amado or to make an appointment to see her regarding your client’s UIFSA issues and possible assistance or appellate representation, please contact her at 310- 550-8214.