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Firm Overview

Honey Kessler Amado has been practicing law since 1977. In 1984, she began representing clients in the appellate court, and since 1989, her practice has been limited exclusively to the area of civil appeals. Ms. Amado is a specialist in appellate law, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

Ms. Amado represents clients in the state and federal courts of appeal and supreme courts. She does not represent clients in the trial court; however, she does become part of a litigation team in the trial court to assist in identifying issues, in creating a sufficient record for appeal, in drafting memoranda on evolving or complex legal issues, or in writing or assisting with post-judgment pleadings and motions. In cases before the court of appeal, she prepares all appellate briefs and pleadings and presents the oral argument. At the conclusion of the appeal, the case returns to trial counsel for any further trial court proceedings.

Ms. Amado is occasionally retained, without becoming an attorney of record, to help counsel outline, draft, or edit sophisticated pleadings or appellate briefs.

Ms. Amado has written and lectured extensively on issues of concern to family law or appellate law practitioners. She is well-respected for her knowledge and for the clarity of her writing.

Ms. Amado is also certified by the State Bar to provide an MCLE-credit lecture on civil appellate procedures. She provides this one-hour lecture at no cost to local firms, coming into a firm's offices at a time convenient to the inviting firm.

Ms. Amado may be contacted at (310) 550-8214.